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The Eaton Ferry Bridge is the place to be for a morning of fun for the entire family. The Crossing begins promptly at 9 am. Registration begins at 8:00 am.

THE CROSSING is an annual event for the Lake Gaston Community and is sponsored by O’SAIL. The goal is to encourage the Lake Gaston population to annually get in the water and join others in a non-motorized crossing of the lake in mass. THE CROSSING will occur in a protected area adjacent to the Eaton Ferry Bridge secured by the US Coast Guard Auxiliary.

THE CROSSING requires registration of all participants. There is a pre-registration fee of $25.00 or $30.00 the day of the event.  Upon completion of the event, participants will receive complimentary fruit and water at the finish and a limited edition t-shirt.  (Note: Preferred T-Shirt size cannot be guaranteed for those who register the day of the event)

The two classes of participants are:

    • under 13 years of age must have signed life guard statement that they have a proven ability to swim the distance or be accompanied by an adult throughout the swim.
    • must wear swim cap for visibility, swim caps will be provided at registration check-in.
    • All riders must wear PFD.
    • Can be individual or team entry
    • Can use commercial or self-made vessel. All vessels must be water sound and may be disqualified by officials at the entrance area if they are deemed to be unsafe or not able to make the distance.
    • Beyond the usual non-motorized water vessels, we’re encouraging you to use your imagination.  The WAVER category was created to encourage small or large groups to cross together in the most creative ways possible.  Some examples might be connected by noodles or even floating atop their own creation of a boat, barge, raft, etc.  


How can you join the fun?  Register below and show up the day of the event ready to have fun with your team and your creation.  


*NOTE: Registration may be completed below (online) through 5PM, Friday 8/11. Registration the day of the event is $30.



Register for The Crossing Here:

O’SAIL (Organization to Support the Arts, Infrastructure, and Learning on Lake Gaston) is a not for profit organization of Lake Gaston Volunteers. All events proceeds (after expenses) will be granted to not for profit organizations that serve the Lake Gaston area.

Chartered sponsors are on board for the event but other businesses in the area connected to the lake and boating are encouraged to join the event at one of the several levels of sponsorship available. Of course, donations are always welcome from anyone.

Contact us at our website or e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

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