Guess Who's Coming To Dinner Speakers

Will the mystery guest please stand...

Guess Who's Coming to Dinner was enjoyed by many attendees and had many entertaining and informative speakers who brought their stories to the Lake Gaston community. It's time as an active event is now over as we focus on other events. Thanks to all the speakers and attendees who made their event a success.

Missed some of the past events?  No problem - check out some of the featured guests HERE!  




David Bailay - GWCTD

David Bailey

Greensboro, NC

Adventure and travel writer, omnivore, editor and project manager,

scholar/gentleman/cowboy, Eagle Scout 



Mike Lubbock - GWCTD

Mike Lubbock


Sylvan Heights Waterfowl Park 

Scotland Neck, NC




Dwight Berry - GWCTD

Dwight Berry

Roanoke Rapids, NC

Teacher, Musician, and Author



Tom Myrick - GWCTD 

Tom Myrick 

Roanoke Rapids, NC 

Stories of building the Lake Gaston dam


Barbara A Purdy - GWCTD 

Barbara A. Purdy 

Professor of Anthropology (Emerita) 

University of Florida Curator in Archaeology (joint appointment) 

Florida Museum of Natural History (Emerita)



 Hermie Sadler - GWCTD

Hermie Sadler 

Hermie Sadler Racing, NASCAR TV Analyst 

The Hermie and Elliott Sadler Foundation 

United Wrestling Federation



 Lizzie Smith - GWCTD

Lizzie Smith 

Lizzie Smith Motorsports 



 Samual Harvey Mosely Jr - GWCTD

Samuel Harvey Moseley, Jr 

Senior Astrophysicist   

Laboratory for Observational Cosmology 

Goddard Space Flight Center, NASA 

Member of COBE Science Team; 2006 Nobel Prize awarded to 

COBE Team Leader, John Mather



 Gene R. Nichol - GWCTD

Gene R. Nichol 

Professor of Law and Director of the Center on Poverty, Work & Opportunity,

UNC School of Law



 David L. Beamer - GWCTD

David L. Beamer 

Father of Todd Beamer, 9/11 Hero



David Poe - GWCTD

 David Poe 

Retired educator & road trip addict 

the County Seats of NC



Sandra Martin - GWCTD 

Sandra Martin

CEO & Founder of Spiritere Television, publishing agent, book publisher, TV executive producer




 Ann and John Campbell

Ann & John Campbell

Entrepreneurs, founders of Campbell Alliance, principals of WasteZero




 Milton Lewis and Adam Fields

Milton, Lewis and Adam Fields

3 generations of Lake Gaston residents





Sarah & Harvey Moseley, Tom King

Growing up on the Roanoke River and the coming of Lake Gaston




 Dr. RP Stephen Davis Jr. - GWCTD

Dr. R.P. Stephen Davis, Jr. archaeologist

UNC Archaeological Investigations in Gaston Reservoir, 1961-1962 



 Charla Duncan - GWCTD

Charla Duncan

teacher, guardian ad Litem, Warren County native, TEDxLizardCreek committee-social media, blogger, rollergirl

Guess Who’s Rolling to Dinner?



Kim Terpening - GWCTD


Kim Terpening


Banjo player, music teacher, portrait artist, food scientist


Guess Who’s Strumming to Dinner?



Fred Kessler - GWCTD


Fred Kessler


Auctioneer, metal craftsman, storyteller



NC Beer Guys - GWCTD

NC Beer Guys



Inez Ribustello - GWCTD


Inez Ribustello


Owner On the Square Restaurant & Wine Store, sommelier



Sam Ratto - GWCTD

Sam Ratto

Chocolate Maker, Entrepreneur, Co-CEO Videri Chocolate Factory